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Why is NC Beach Trailers For Sale beneficial to buyers?

Finding a home for sale that is not “real property” is sometimes hard.  Mobile homes that sit on leased lots like in a mobile home park are considered personal property-they essentially are the equivalent of a boat or a vehicle. The trailer owner pays rent to the land owner for the right to park their trailer at that location.  There is a rental/lease agreement for each lot in the mobile home park.  For the most part sellers post a FSBO sign on the trailer.  Maybe post it on Craigslist or FB Marketplace.  But there is no central place list Zillow or FSBO that is specifically geared towards this niche market.  There is no ONE place that you can compare details, much less prices.  It can be very daunting and frustrating compiling all this information by yourself.  If you do see a beach trailer on Zillow or Trulia, not always does it indicate that this particular trailer does not come with the land it is sitting on.  For buyers not familiar with this type of property sale, it can be very confusing.  NC Beach Trailers For Sale aims to provide details about multiple properties in one area that are currently for sale so buyers can see options online-without having to make a trip in person.  A buyer can see details on the property, the park, the restrictions, regulations, all of that in one place.  As well as the contact information for the seller. 

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