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Why is NC Beach Trailers For Sale beneficial to sellers?

Personal property sale prices are not listed on the tax appraiser website.  Sellers can’t find online information to know what to price to put on their trailer.  There are no accurate comparisons like Zillow, or show for real property.  Setting a price can be tough when someone down the street has theirs listed for 20k less than yours and you didn’t know.  As this site grows, we also hope to have sold prices listed so true comparables can start accumulating like real property.  Sellers can also see the competition in real time.  See the pictures, know that they might need to jazz their property up a bit or lower their price to compete in the current market.  Lastly, information here is sure help sellers get more qualified leads—that means potential buyers have seen all the information posted online BEFORE they contact the seller.  They are still  interested because they have a ton of information already and know if this property might be the one for them.

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Wednesday Jun 24 8:30 am

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