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Pics of your Beach Trailer

Pictures of your beach trailer can make or break your listing. Bad pictures, or lack of pictures don’t hold potential sellers interest. They just move on to the next possibility. Real estate websites say you should have between 22-27 pictures on your listing. Personally, for a beach trailer that might be a little overkill since we aren’t talking a ton of sq footage, but in this case, less is more is NOT necessarily the standard.

So, here are some of MY tips:

  1. The money shot, the one buyers are going to see first, should be of the exterior from an angle, not straight on. If you have vehicles in front, move them. If you have a for sale sign in the window, take it down for the pictures (there is nothing more distracting than a florescent yellow hand written FSBO sign in the middle of the money shot). If there is a street in front of your beach trailer, try not to get too much of it in the picture-it is hard to balance. You want the most of the front of your property, but not too much of the roadway. Here is a good DONT.

2. Every bathroom has a toilet. You don’t have to take a picture of it unless it is something super special. Like it lights up or plays music or something. If you MUST take a picture of it because it is special, PLEASE PUT THE LID DOWN. I will admit, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. I was a property manager for several years and I took thousands of pictures of bathrooms and that was my thing, the seat was always down if it was in a picture. And if I was showing the property I always closed them as well. (that is a bonus RE pro tip for your showings right there LOL)

This a great bathroom, probably new construction. All I see……the open toilet lid!

3. Open blinds, turn on lights. Take interior pictures during the brightest part of the day, especially if your property seems kinda dark.

4. It is hard to do sometimes, but try not to post pictures that catch you taking the picture!

5. Take pictures of the things that make your park or property special and even more importantly…VALUABLE. The boat ramp, the playground, the pool, the tree lined entrance, an incredible view from your porch or rooftop deck! Sell the beach trailer lifestyle!

6. Take a ton of pictures from different places in the same room. You don’t have to use them all, but sometimes you find one angle is better than another to really capture the feel or size of a room.

7. Declutter and clean as much as you can. I know it is hard to do especially if you are living in the property or maybe you are selling it “as is” with the furnishings and everything in it. But if you can even take away the personal items that can be distracting in showings and photos and put them in a tote in a closet, it will benefit your sale. You want people to look at the property, not your vacation pictures you have hung on the hallway wall.

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