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Financing an older beach trailer

One of the biggest hurdles to buying a beach trailer on a rented lot (besides of course finding one-which this site is hopefully marking that one off the list) is financing. Mobile homes older than 20 years are not eligible for bank loans. And I won’t say “most” but a lot of beach trailers are older. I like to say “vintage”. That is part of the charm in my opinion. One type of loan you may be able get for a vintage beach trailer is called a CHATTEL LOAN or CHATTEL MORTGAGE. It is basically a personal loan since there is no real property to secure the loan. There are many requirements, but it is possible. I am not going to recommend any companies as I haven’t worked with any, but if you search the term “chattel loan/mortgage” online you will find a massive amount of information and lenders who you can speak with about possibly financing your beach trailer.

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Thursday Jul 23 9:47 am

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